Welcome … to this space for ideas, thoughts, pictures, sounds and verbal and literary bric-a-brac, that is all, sometimes very tenuously, linked to “The Man in the Wide-Awake Hat”; a theatrical event that is being created by Mischievous Theatre about the Victorian Polymath, AWN Pugin. This is not a diary … we sort of have one of those on the Mischievous Website … there are links to it in the Blogroll … so have a little peek. This is more like a place for all those “things” that have turned up over the last few months of researching, writing, workshopping and generally trying to discover how to make a play; things that were sometimes looked for and sometimes not; things that we found interesting, intriguing, joyful or just plain strange. It is a place that you will undoubtedly, sometimes accidentally, find out information about Pugin, about his life, his work, about the play even but it is not designed to tell you everything you need to know … it is a place to peruse and smile, laugh even, consider, think, be intrigued and possibly even inspired. Do have a stroll around the site.

Red Sky at Night, Shepherds Pie …  this is a series of writings and photographs about everything and anything that doesn’t really fit anywhere else.

The Wide Awake Hat … are things that I’ve written that do link (tenuously) to the play.

The Blog … is just that … a blog of events, places I’ve been to, things I’ve seen, people I’ve talked to and the tale of the play; it is a diaspora of stuff …

Tickets and Other Things … is just that really, a place you could buy tickets and sometimes, other things.

Oh, by the way, the pictures at the top of this page are just things that I love … nothing more.

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