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2016 … and yes, I’m still here!

Many years ago now, when Methuselah …

A Methuselah tree!

A Methuselah tree!

… was still wearing short trousers and hula-hooping with his little sister Mildred, I discovered AWN Pugin, Architect, Designer, Theorist and all round polymath. I decided the world needed a play about this amazing fellow. And when better to produce a play but 2012, the bi-centenary of his birth. So, I researched, wrote and produced a play about his life called The Man in the Wide-Awake Hat: Pugin’s Gothic Adventures which was seen in 2013 … only a year late.

At the time the plan was to perform the play in Ramsgate, Kent (Pugin’s home for the last few years of his incredibly short life) and then tour it to some of his buildings around the UK and abroad. The first part of the plan, the performing it in Ramsgate, worked a treat. The second part of the plan, to tour some of his buildings, didn’t!

shibuya-crossing-923000_1280We were a bit busy with lots of other things and problems arose and … well, to cut a very long story short … we didn’t tour the play.

HOWEVER … that is all about to change. The production, which received a great many plaudits, was a great success and now, only a few years later, we want to capitalise on that success (no point in rushing into things) and re-produce The Man in the Wide-Awake Hat: Pugin’s Gothic Adventures for a much wider audience.

So … to whet your appetite, have a little peek at this short (about 2 minutes), slightly fuzzy, little video of the original performance in Ramsgate.

Pugin on Vimeo

And bear with us whilst we put in applications for money, rewrite, remake and sell the show to the world at large. Pop back here now and then for further updates!

Back soon!