My Brain is Fighting Back

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The Voice in my head said …

My Skull ... from wherein doth come "The Voice"

“Its been quiet, too quiet. I don’t like it,” said a voice in my head.

“It is often the way it is, when there’s creating to be done,” I replied.


“Come on, you’re the voice in my head. You know what I’ve been up to.”

“Oh, writing a play,” the voice said in a bored manner.

“Writing a play!” I yelled, “there’s more to it than that. I have a play that lasts forty-seven hours and I’m trying to cut it down to ninety minutes: that’s not easy, you know. And, I’m also producing the play; I’m making a piece of theatre in a new style; a style, the like of which I have never done before. I have spent long, long nights feverishly worrying and evading the important things, like talking to costume designers, lighting designers, film-makers and the like,  to concentrate on minutiae. It is not easy trying to get a phrase exactly right, or find an image that is absolutely the right one to convey the emotion required”.

“Oh, that’s what you’ve been doing … I thought you were just being anti-social,” it said.

“Anti-Social! Well, yes, I suppose I have been a little distant for a while though I wouldn’t call it anti-social. It is just that I tend to get so deeply involved in the creating bit, that I sort of forget that there are lots of other things to be done … like socialise … chat … be a human being,” I said sheepishly.

“There is no point in being sheepish. You have a play to sell!”

“I know. I know. Its easy for you; you’re just a voice. I’ve got other things to do as well as write a play. I have to cook, shop, water the allotment, launder my clothes, put petrol in the car, do my accounts, pay bills, shove the hoover round …”

“Methinks the owner of the head in which I am just a voice, doth protest too much … and for too long!” said the slightly bothersome voice.

“All right, all right! I’ll sell the play …”

“There isn’t much time to go, you know. It is on in the middle of September. If you are going to sell tickets you have got to let people know that the tickets are for sale,” the voice in my head said being even more bothersome than before.


“Well, get on with it.”

“I will … if you’ll just shut up and let me,” I replied grumpily.

“There’s no point in being grumpy with me!”

“I’m at the end of my tether with you,” I snapped, “I am about to do it!”

“So, The Man in the Wide-Awake Hat: Pugin’s Gothic Adventures, is being performed in Ramsgate, Kent, UK in the middle of September … the 19th, 20th and 21st, to be exact. The Thursday performance is an open dress rehearsal which is free to school and college groups and there is a matinee on the Saturday at 2.30 pm. All of the evening performances are at 7.30 and the Saturday evening performance has a Friends’ Reception with wine and a bit of a party after the show.”

get-attachment.aspx “Where is it being performed … precisely?” said the irksome voice in my head.

“Well, if you’d just look, you’d see that I’ve put the poster into the blog! It has all of those details on it.” I said rather more loudly than strictly necessary.

“But where is the King’s Theatre, precisely?”

“Oh, for goodness sake … The King’s Theatre, King’s Place, Ramsgate, CT11 8NN …”

“Oh,” mumbled the voice.

“Satisfied?” I asked tersely.

“S’pose”, said the voice, losing its smugness!


“Here’s the back of the poster with loads of info on it!”

Pugin_A5 flyer_24Jul13These performances have been kindly supported by: The Pugin Society, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, Kent County Council … and lots and lots of friends and many rather nice people. To you all … I say thank you!

“Are these performances going to be the only showing of The Man in the Wide-Awake Hat?” said the voice; once again, breaking the creative flow.


“Oh, only asking.”

“Next year, the play will tour to venues across the UK and possibly abroad …”


“Pugin’s designs ended up in many parts of the world and it would be exciting to perform the play internationally; don’t you agree?” I asked the voice in my head.

“Yes,” said the voice … sceptically.

“Of course, we would need to raise a few more pounds to make that happen but so many people have worked so hard on this project, I am making it a personal mission, to give as many people … around the world … the chance to see what all the fuss has been about!”

“Oh, dear.”

“What do you mean, oh dear?”

“Sounds like I’m going to be busy,” said the voice in my head.


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